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ℳ e r c y; {naminé&aerith}


Time was something that Naminé had in abundance. That was a fact that she had never expected to become reality for her, as she had expectations of what would become of her after a certain point in time. Suddenly time spread out in front of her, an infinity that she did not want to face but was forced to, day after day. Interacting with people wasn’t something that she had anticipated to do either, but as she interacted she came to the slow realization that she had become too used to the space that was the room she stayed within. Too comfortable. It was as if it had become her own personal prison, but suddenly there was nothing keeping her inside, but she found herself too meek and mild to take a single step out. The realization was jarring and had shaken her a little bit, deep down, as if the prison she was voluntarily staying in shook itself. There were literal worlds of possibilities in front of her that she could approach and so many things she could do and see herself like she had always wanted… but she was too apprehensive to truly start to take those steps. She could never stay in Twilight Town forever though, as much as she may want to. It was quiet and calm… and it had no true place for her, even if she tried to create a small little world herself.

Venturing outside into a foreign world entirely by herself wasn’t something that she had ever done before even though she had the ability to do so. Perhaps this first step could be the path to something that Naminé had been searching for, grasping at that which was just out of her reach—freedom. There was a destination in her mind, something that was vivid in some respects and dull in others in the fragments of memory that she could grasp. What she could see in her mind was beautiful, bright and colorful in the most wonderful way, a place that was familiar but not all at the same time. An endpoint in mind, Naminé stood in her white room that was covered in her drawings, drawings that she would never have to expand on again—but would, because art was something else that filled up her time—and held out her hand in front of her and felt the darkness that laid within her react to her calling to it. A portal was created a few feet in front of her, large and black and swirling with hints of purple, a door that would lead her into another world.


Walking through the darkness made her shiver minutely, and wisps of it clung to her skin and crept across her limbs and she walked briskly to the other side, coming out into a much brighter area and she shook the darkness off of her, blonde hair falling into her eyes as she rubbed at her arm, trying to get rid of the goose bumps that prickled along her skin. When she felt the portal close behind her, Naminé relaxed a little bit further and inhaled deeply before exhaling slowly and brushing her hair out of her face before looking around properly, allowing her eyes to take in her new surroundings.

In her memory, the world was colorful. It was colorful with hues of purple and there were fountains there and flowers lining the walkways that led up to a large, beautiful fountain. Reality was much different, and it was old and worn and had seen better days, likely stricken by the Heatless if Naminé had to guess, because while there were memories of what was Radian Gardens… they were vague, and fuzzy, and distorted. Above all they had no follow up, nothing to truly give a finite feeling to them, as if they were a distant dream. But the world itself existed, even if it did not look the same, and Naminé was in a new place that she had never seen before, and gazing around she felt a small spark of excitement jump somewhere inside of her.


The excitement did not last long however, because suddenly she was aware of movements nearby behind her, and she twisted about, holding her breath as her eyes scanned the area around her that was out of her periphery when she was facing forwards and she inhaled sharply when she saw Heartless pick themselves up from the ground, shadows coming to life and solidifying, as other stepped out from around the old fountain that was no longer running. Naminé took a step back, moving slowly but knowing that she couldn’t stay in that area any longer, because she had no way to protect herself. No against Heartless. They all seemed to just stare at her, however, as if uncomprehending of her presence there, but all at once, as if someone commanded them to, the group of Heartless jumped and Naminé turned and ran as fast as she could.

Not daring to look behind her, she glanced down at the ground and let out a small sound of panic when she saw that a Shadow was following her and she tried to speed up her foot falls, breaths already getting short as she tried to leave the darting Shadow behind but she wasn’t fast enough to get away before one caught her leg and another her arm, with their claws. She shouted, high and distressed, when they tore through her skin and she stumbled, the pain of the initial cuts registered in her mind, but adrenaline rushed through her and Naminé ran faster, towards the stairs that would lead to her to safety—somewhere safer than this. It was brainless for her to have arrived in such a place, and not take care to check and see if she was safe, and as blood dripped down her leg and to her fingers and onto the ground, a few spots dropping upon her white clothing.

     On this cloudy day, Aerith decided on heading down to the library so she could pick up some more information on the heartless in order to help Cid and Leon with their research. They wanted to continue building more helpful tools to stop so many of them from causing trouble around Hollow Bastion. Fortunately for Aerith, she came prepared—-She had to in order to stay safe when stepping outside. Her means of protection was magic; a little something Yuffie ‘borrowed’ from out of town that helps keep them safe. Aerith’s magic abilities were mostly white magic spells for curing and defence, but it gave her enough strength to run from the heartless monsters before they could latch onto her with those nasty little claws. For something so small, they were really able to do damage. 

     Besides the Heartless, being at the library was just a past-time the maiden enjoyed. She considered reading quite the enjoyable hobby and would often reside in the room full of book walls for hours on end. Whether it was fiction or facts, fairytales or research, she would read them all willingly without getting bored even for a minute. So with Leon’s request that she get some information today, Aerith had absolutely no problems going down to work! 

     However, while she was headed to her special spot in town, she heard from the distance, a loud scream. It sounded like a girl was in trouble, and despite Aerith not being the most physically strong one in the bunch, she never stopped to think for a second when it came to helping those in need. So quickly she ran in the direction of where the sound was coming from until she spotted a petite girl with blonde hair whom was now knelt to the ground with Heartless hungrily clinging onto her bare skin. Gasping in worry, the brunette scampered over to the female while casting repetitive spells to fight off the black monsters. "Get off her!" Aerith yelled loudly as each Heartless got destroyed—-One by one, they turned to dust as she continued to zip them with death-spells. 

     Finally once they were all fought off and disappeared from the weakening female, Aerith rushed to her side and quickly fell down to her knees. "Are you all right!?" She asked before spotting the stained blood that spotted over her white gown. With a concerned expression washing over the flower girls features, she wrapped a single arm around Namine’s back in order to give her fragile and trembling body some support. “It’s okay. I’ve got you.” Aerith said in a very soft and kind voice as a means to help comfort the blonde and ease her stress. 

     That’s when Aerith’s hand delicately rested over each wound on the girls flesh and she cast small curaga spells until they healed comfortably. The blood stains did not disappear unfortunately, but she closed up the scrapes and injuries enough to take the pain away from the poor girl. "There, there. That should feel much better." Her emerald optics shine brightly while she stared down at the blonde with a consoling smile. 

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Congratulations! You receive the amazing roleplayer sticker! ~sticks it on your forehead~ Now, take this bundle of 5 and share it with blogs you feel deserve it! c:

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Congratulations! You receive the amazing roleplayer sticker! ~sticks it on your forehead~ Now, take this bundle of 5 and share it with blogs you feel deserve it! c:

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Peace for a Remnant | Yazoo & Aerith


Rain pours down from the sky; soothing, and captivating. Water with the ability to wash away the sins of anyone; waters that bring peace of heart, and mind down upon any who are wishful of it.

Bright light shines from above; it blinds all who gaze into it, however, brings soft serenity with it.

Sephiroth is gone; their reunion is no more, and the same could not be said of Kadaju. His body turns to vapor, engulfed by the lights peaceful glow.

Loz stood beside Yazoo, as the final shot is fired from his velvet nightmare.

Cloud is his target; his back turned to the both of them, as beautiful shards of silver sail through the air, and sink into tender flesh. Ripping and tearing, just as turns toward them.

Within seconds, Loz is gone, and for the briefest of moments, Yazoo is all that remains of the remnants.

His gun slips out of his hand, as Cloud turns toward him. Red-hot anger written in his eyes, yet this rage is short lived. Yazoo’s body is the next to be vaporized. The light takes him, as it did each of his brothers before him. His presence is no longer on Gaia, yet eerie eyes open to find earthy greens peering down upon him.

"M-mother..?’ Frailness in his voice is obvious, as a hand is lifted, and reaches out toward her. ‘Did.. we fail you..?”


     Having watched above at Cloud’s final battle, she felt so proud of the soldier for fighting on and defending everything he cared for. He wasn’t meant to feel the pain he did, or go through the horror that was cursed upon him after two years of mourning. However, despite Cloud’s misfortunes, it was not only him that Aerith watched over. She spent an abundant amount of time keeping her eye on the three remnants; mostly disagreeing with their choices and actions—-especially the torturing on Tseng and Elena. But she understood their suffering, which is exactly why she wanted badly to set them free from heir loneliness, sins and painful desires. They wished for their mother and nothing more; it was Sephiroth who used the youngest as a main target for his own sick puppeteering  The Cetra could not bare to show any anger towards them after their angst. 

     Now as Yazoo’s dying body lay helplessly under the rain she purposely sent from the clouds, Aerith offered the light and a way in to the lifestream so he could be free. Her hand reached towards him and light surrounded her gospel figure; her pale lips smiling gently to give him a comforting welcome into his new home. "Yazoo~ You can rest now. There’s no more pain to feel. Let it all go." Her voice echoed gracefully around them until silence took over their surroundings. That is when Yazoo’s comment called out to to her. She frowned from his words. 


     Whether she would tell him that she wasn’t his mother or not, went back and forth in the Cetra’s mind. But—-Aerith decided against it; now was the time he was meant to feel peace and happiness for the first time in his life. Instead, she offered him a kind smile and gently placed the palm of her hand against the warmth of his cheek while gazing down in his mako-infused optics. "You wanted your brother to come with you. There’s no disappointment in my eyes…Do you see?" She asked in a mothers tone; calm..comforting…a sound any child of any age would feel at ease once they heard it. "No one failed anyone. All that matters is you’re free." 

Zombie vs. Vampire | ‘R’ & Aeris

 It had been so long that Aeris was running. She had great speed, but she was weakening without any source of blood after taking off and leaving Mystic Falls. The fight she had with her childhood friend lead her on this path —- trying her best to escape before she was caught by first generation vampires. Of course, Klaus would find her no matter where she ended up, but it would cause a challenge the further she ran. So she did whatever she could to delay her potential death. 

     Virginia, just at the border is where she woke. The environment was nothing close to what she was used to, both before she returned to Mystic Falls and during. It was as if the city had been turned to ruins. Everything was dark, destroyed and the air smelt like the oxygen itself was rotting. With a disgusted expression, Aeris lifted an arm and covered her nose; eyebrows furrowed as she slowly analyzed her new surroundings. "Ugh Gross! Where the heck am I?" She asked herself before picking her limp body up off the gravel. How in the world did she end up here without any memory of it happening? Was she still in Virginia at least? 

     As she attempted to drag herself across the dirt paths, her emerald optics narrowed towards the distance where she finally saw another person wandering around aimlessly. It was a young man; perhaps even close to her ‘technical’ age. This peaked her curiosity since where she stood seemed to be a dead town so finding another living being was uplifting. Though, Aeris was sure to have her back up in case it was a trap. She wasn’t going to die. Not today. 

     ”Hello? Hey! Over here!” The vampire called out while waving an arm in air. It was no use, he didn’t seem to hear her. Either that or he was ignoring her call completely. “Ugh, I must be in the south. People here are always so weird.” And with that striking comment, she began walking towards him; eager to grab his attention. Normally, she’d shrug off people who decided to ignore her but given the certain circumstance, she needed to step out of her stubbornness for just once. 


     ”Hey. I was talking to you.” She said with slight annoyance in her tone before reaching out and taking a firm hold on his wrist. She used a human’s touch though; to not give away her being just yet. In case he could not be trusted. Keeping her clasp, she waited for him to turn around being that she could only see the back of his head and while she did, her lips pursed from the attempt to hold back from throwing him against the brick wall. 

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